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How are your Resolutions?

Sweeping out the old is not enough; conscious “ in with the new” is necessary. The “law of intention and desire” requires us to focus thinking to shape potential. All that exists is made up of  energy and information (idea and substance). Be careful what you ask for! With Rev. Nat Carter

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Captain Karma Meets Princess Grace

The “law of Karma”  is a way of describing the power of thought and choice. It is best applied with a focus on the future. Sometimes, however,  the present is affected by things set in motion yesterday. It is possible to short circuit or mitigate the effects of past mistakes. Just look around.  “Why don’t bad things happen to bad people?” read more…

High G Giving—Gratitude, Generosity, Generativity, Grace

The “law of giving” transcends money. It points to the radiation and attraction of the energy of Love, the foundation of Existence. The principle is consciousness rather than technique or practices. With Rev. Nat Carter and special guest music by Bhakti House Band! read more…

Carrying Stillness

Join Rev. Nat Carter for Sunday Services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Featuring special guest musician Daniel Katsük. 

Pure potentiality, pure consciousness, oneness…are the nature of the Universe and the field in which we live, a spiritual law. We can go beyond the turbulence of the time and space world into higher dimensions of creative limitlessness as individuals, families and organizations. read more…

Our Declaration of Interdependence

Join Rev. Nat Carter for Sunday Services at 9:30 an or 11:00 am.

The USA is a living declaration of “oneness, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. One nation, one world, one spiritual community, one family, one life, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. In this oneness is diversity, disagreement and even dysfunction. Our shared oneness weaves us together in a of love.  

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What is mine to do?

After enough time in the “wilderness”, or hallway of transition, it is time to move. During the “in-between-time” we are guided to “don’t just do something, sit there”. Then, at the right time as the open door becomes more visible, the message changes to “don’t just sit there, do something”. We may not know exactly what to do but feedback on a step taken is often immediate. We do not need to know it all before moving, just how the movement feels at the moment.

With Rev. Nat Carter, Interim Minister 

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What do you want?

What does the “promised land” look like? We must do our part of asking, setting intentions, and clarifying our wants and needs. We want the “light at the door” to be close to what we are looking for. Join Rev. Nat Carter for Sunday services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. 

This Must Be The Place

Whether we know it or not, we are involved in the classic steps of the hero’s journey. Finding ourselves in transition, we must deal with endings, in-between times and new beginnings. This is not really complicated. That is not saying that it is easy. No matter the nature of our transition, we have the strength and courage to do what is ours to do. 

Rev. Nat Carter