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Ask, Listen, and Give Thanks – 4/7

This week we continue our series: Climbing the Ladder of Transformation – Spiritual Technology to Prosper, Awaken, and Live! On Sunday we’ll looks at steps six and seven.
With the 6th step we form into words the desires of our heat and listen for support and guidance; with the 7th step we assume the feelings that we already have what we want.

After service you can join Rev. Nat Carter for a brief session to practice the process (Mastermind) – in the Prayer section of the sanctuary.

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Finding My Bliss 3/31

Have you ever woken up and realized you are just not having fun in life. Maybe you walk around in a cloud of sadness that kind of rules your day or maybe there are things in your life that pull you into stress and anxiety. Come and find out how to become aware of the bliss and the joy that we have inherited as a Divine Being. How do we turn on our magnificent being!

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Spring Series: Climbing the Ladder of Transformation

Spring 2019 series: Climbing the Ladder of Transformation – Spiritual technology to prosper, awaken and live

This is a Sunday series with prayer/practice groups. Get familiar with the transformational Mastermind Process for personal prayer and the possible formation of a supportive prayer group. The 8 steps we’ll explore are: Surrendering, Believing, Understanding, Deciding, Releasing, Asking And Listening, Gratefully Receiving, Proceeding In Partnership.


  1. I let go. My life is not all I would like it to be. I give up the idea that I can control my life all by myself. I humbly ask for help.
  2. I believe there is a higher power, the love of God, that responds to me and makes all things possible.
  3. I understand that I have created my world through my thoughts words and actions. My misuse of the I AM is the cause of my difficulties.
  4. I decide to change. I allow infinite love and wisdom to guide me in thinking, speaking and acting as a new person.
  5. I release the limitations of yesterday. I trust Infinite Love and Wisdom to do the work of forgiveness embracing all that has been done and not done.
  6. I form the desires of my heart into words and ask for the support of the Divine and my prayer partners. I listen in openness and receptivity.
  7. I am gratefully receiving. I know the good that I seek is seeking me now. I am thankful. 
  8. I proceed in partnership with God. I live with caring, service and creativity.  I live as an example of God’s possibility for humanity.

Based on the Master Mind Prayer Process, developed by Rev. Jack Boland, Church of Today, Warren MI