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  • ThetaHealing Class Guided book study and workshop
  • Thursdays from 7-9pm starting March 8th for 10 weeks
  • Cost: Free tuition; The three books for the class are available in the Unity book store for purchase
  • Contact: Michael Macklin (mgmacklin@gmail.com) for more information.  RSVP is needed because printed materials will be made.
  • Instructors: Michael Macklin and Christi Markee; both certified ThetaHealing practitioners

ThetaHealing teaches that your beliefs create your life from your feelings to your health to everyday events. ThetaHealing offers an easy technique to change those beliefs to create the life that you want through a process of self-discovery and choosing new beliefs. This includes connecting with The Creator of All That is (God) and having Creator perform the healings, which you can actually feel in your body. Since everything is Creator, and Creator is the healer, these healings are very easy and effective.

Participants will be empowered to heal nearly any physical health issue, emotional issue, or life situation with only a few hours of work. ThetaHealers are known to cause instant healings of “incurable” diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, depression, mental disorders, DNA disorders, etc through changing beliefs. These healings can also cause manifestations to occur with much more ease and velocity because our blocking beliefs are removed.

Right away, the class teaches the main ThetaHealing technique, where a short meditation brings you into a Theta brainwave. This is the sleep brainwave, but you are fully conscious and awake.  You’re also connected to The Creator of All That Is in this state and able to create changes in your life starting with your beliefs.  Over the ten weeks, participants are developed as effective ThetaHealers with all the tools to work with Creator. These include cutting chords with people of your past, retrieving soul fragments, techniques for digging into belief systems, DNA activation and deactivation, body scanning, resolving past lives, completing soul contracts, working with the laws of the universe, manifesting techniques, energizing objects, removing unwanted spirits, and channeling angels, ancestors, the higher self, and Creator. The class continues throughout the week with suggested exercises and books to read (available at the Unity book store).

For people who have a concern that they aren’t psychic enough, ThetaHealing has them really doing psychic healings within a few short weeks.  This is because students have their dormant psychic DNA activated and beliefs that block them from using psychic abilities replaced with new beliefs that support these abilities.

People say, “you can’t take it with you when you die,” but you can take the healings from ThetaHealing with you.  That is because ThetaHealers resolve karmic debts that used to follow them from lifetime to lifetime, they heal the beliefs their soul has collected for hundreds of incarnations, and they heal the genetic beliefs of their ancestors and prevent these genetic beliefs from burdening their descendants.

Books for the class:

  • ThetaHealing – Vianna Stibal
  • Advanced ThetaHealing – Vianna Stibal
  • Seven Planes of Existence – Vianna Stibal

Class preview: Come to Metaphysical Monday on February 26th at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall to learn more about the ThetaHealing class.