Spring 2019 series: Climbing the Ladder of Transformation – Spiritual technology to prosper, awaken and live

This is a Sunday series with prayer/practice groups. Get familiar with the transformational Mastermind Process for personal prayer and the possible formation of a supportive prayer group. The 8 steps we’ll explore are: Surrendering, Believing, Understanding, Deciding, Releasing, Asking And Listening, Gratefully Receiving, Proceeding In Partnership.


  1. I let go. My life is not all I would like it to be. I give up the idea that I can control my life all by myself. I humbly ask for help.
  2. I believe there is a higher power, the love of God, that responds to me and makes all things possible.
  3. I understand that I have created my world through my thoughts words and actions. My misuse of the I AM is the cause of my difficulties.
  4. I decide to change. I allow infinite love and wisdom to guide me in thinking, speaking and acting as a new person.
  5. I release the limitations of yesterday. I trust Infinite Love and Wisdom to do the work of forgiveness embracing all that has been done and not done.
  6. I form the desires of my heart into words and ask for the support of the Divine and my prayer partners. I listen in openness and receptivity.
  7. I am gratefully receiving. I know the good that I seek is seeking me now. I am thankful. 
  8. I proceed in partnership with God. I live with caring, service and creativity.  I live as an example of God’s possibility for humanity.

Based on the Master Mind Prayer Process, developed by Rev. Jack Boland, Church of Today, Warren MI