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The Path of the Heart – 12/2

This month our theme is “The Four Classic Spiritual Paths” as represented by the Nativity Scene. On this Sunday we’ll look at “The Path of the Heart” as represented by Joseph and Mary. Devotion, praise, and even tears are demonstrations of this path.  read more…

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – 11/25

This Sunday at Unity Fort Worth we’ll allow the practice of gratitude to deepen our spiritual consciousness. Gratitude transcends time. It is always appropriate no matter the situation. 
“If the only prayer you can say is ‘Thank You’, that is enough.”
 – Meister Eckhart read more…

Stepping Into Spiritual Space – 11-11

Step into spiritual space; the method doesn’t matter. What matters is that we connect with Spirit within us, beyond us, wherever! This Sunday we will hear from the Chaplains on how they hold “Spiritual Space” during their dedication. read more…

Step Out Of The Boat – Nov. 4

This Sunday we examine how to step into the flow of unconditional goodness! This requires a conscious choice and some faith. If we stay where we are things remain as they are. Serve, love, give; prosper, awaken and live! This raises the law of giving and receiving to a principle governing the universe. “My faith invites me to step out of the ordinary into abundant and meaningful living!”
read more…

You Spot it, You got it! 10/28

Our heroes and villains clarify elements of personality and our consciousness. The light and the dark within us are both radiant activities of the Divine. What would you wear to a Halloween Costume party? (Kids young and old are invited to wear costumes on this Sunday!)

Join Rev. Nat Carter for services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am read more…

Consciously Created Change – 9/2 – 10/20

This seven-week series is an exploration of the creative process using a metaphysical interpretation of the seven days of creation. You’re invited to choose a project through which you can fine tune and exercise the creative spiritual powers within you. Our text is: The Creative Life by Eric Butterworth. Copies available in the Higher Shelf Bookstore. Sign-up sheets are available in the sanctuary foyer for you to be part of a supportive, facilitated weekly discussion group. Study sheets will be available for each week.

Let There be the Holiness of Completion: Rest, Attune And Listen 10/14

This final week of our creative process is once again about “letting”. We allow for conditions to adjust to our creative activities. We make room for divine inspiration by participating in “Sabbath” moments–responsibility, authority and commitment to going forward toward our goals.

Join Nancy Little, PhD, LUT for services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am read more…

Let There Be the Marriage of Love and Wisdom 10/7

This 6th week of creating conscious, positive change is about responsibility, authority, commitment and persistence going forward toward our goals. The embodiment of male and female is a dynamic energy of oneness.

with Rev. Nat Carter for services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am read more…

Let There be Discrimination in Multiplicity!

Let There be Discrimination in Multiplicity!

There can be confusion with a multitude of options and the emergence of resistance. In order to arrive at some clarity, we focus on what we sense and intuit rather than what we think and feel.

Join Rev. Nat Carter for services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am read more…

Let There be the Illumination of Will and Understanding

Let There be the Illumination of Will and Understanding! 

We may have the desire for something, but without the will to do something toward that end, it’s just a wish, a desire with no energy. This week our understanding empowers our will and we move into action. Good words for this week are, “I know what to do and I do it.” With Rev. Nat Carter.

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