On March 25, 2018 the congregation of Unity Fort Worth welcomed Rev. Nat Carter to serve as an Interim Minister / Transitional Ministry Specialist.

Unity Worldwide Ministries recommends all churches, where the minister is retiring, employ the services of a Transitional Ministry Specialist: specially trained ministers who have experience both as a Senior Minister as well as an Interim Minister. An experienced Transitional Ministry Specialist can help our congregation identify key characteristics that a new, long-term minister should have. This smooths the recruitment process and helps match our congregation with a new spiritual leader. 

Over the next few months Rev. Nat will facilitate classes and programs and other customized support for the community in six areas:

  1. Heritage – identity, gifts, best practices, unfinished business from the past, and honoring all that has happened and looking forward to new possibilities
  2. Leadership – principles, practices, policies, and development
  3. Vision, mission and core values – the powerful energy that is the driving force for a successful ministry
  4. Relationships – connections within the community (membership, prayer, care and support programs, fellowship, socials), with neighbors (in the largest sense) and with the entire Unity Movement
  5. Programs – worship services, classes, workshops, trainings
  6. Preparations – create a search team and do all the work necessary to find our new right and perfect spiritual leader

“In all of these areas, my work as a transitional ministry specialist comes with a very specific agenda — you have the answers within you. I do not come as an expert with prepackaged solutions but rather as a skilled facilitator for the creation of your ministry’s thriving in its own unique fashion.
Throughout my professional life, my focus has been to serve and empower others to grow into their divine potential. In church ministry, my focus has been teaching positive, practical, mystical Christianity creating a healthy relationship with the Judeo-Christian roots from which we are growing.” 
– Rev. Nat Carter

Nat has been a Unity Minister for 30 years, serving as Senior Minister at Unity of Bellevue, WA, and Unity of Denver, and co-minister at Unity of Woodinville, WA, Unity Church of Practical Christianity, Grand Rapids, MI, and Unity Church of Kent, WA. He has served as Transitional Ministry Specialist at Unity of Toledo, OH, Unity of Prescott, AZ, Unity of Hilton Head, SC, and Unity Victoria, BC.