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prosperity_cultivate_imaginationYour imagination is extremely powerful. You have a picture of yourself in your imagination. You will never consistently rise higher than the image you have of yourself, and you will not accomplish things that you don’t first see yourself accomplishing.

If you focus on your problems, on what you can’t do, then that image of mediocrity will keep you stuck right where you are. It’s simply because you are focused on the wrong things.

You produce what you continually keep in front of yourself. If you keep an image of success in your mind, you’re going to move toward success. But if you see yourself as barely getting by, your marriage getting worse, your health going downhill, then most likely your life will gravitate toward those negative situations.

Stop allowing your imagination to keep you beaten down to where you don’t think you can do anything. Maybe the reason you may be stuck in a rut is simply because your vision needs to be improved.  Start seeing yourself the way you want to be. 

Change what you’re saying to yourself, and you will change your life

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