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unity_fe_nov_prayer_chaplain_letterWe are here once again. It is autumn. Leaves are turning brilliant colors and will soon cover the ground. The air is cooler and crisper and the days are getting shorter, it’s time for the harvest. Now we will reap the benefit of the spring planting and enjoy the bounty of mother earth. The Thanksgiving Holiday was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest and the preceding year.

We can also think of this as the harvest of the ideas and actions we planted during the year and we now harvest the past actions into our present day. We can choose to turn anything to our good because we have the power to change our minds, to chart a new path and work toward our good. The biggest component to doing that is gratitude and what better time of the year to show our gratitude.

Let’s take that into prayer. First a deep breath and center awareness to the heart space.

As we gather with family and friends this holiday season I invite you to give thanks to Mother Earth for the bounty she offers us in the form of food, drink, and unconditional love. As you eat take in the energy and substance of the mother feel the unconditional love, feel the energy vibrating within your being. Feel the strength food offers the body and the love that family and friends offer the spirit. Drink to the loved ones who are no longer here to eat with us, but still reside within the heart space for life has no beginning and no end, we are always together. Give thanks for the past year with all the challenges and all the blessings and let go of any preconceived outcome. Give thanks for the coming year and look forward to any lessons to learn and know nothing you can’t handle will ever present itself in your life. As always, we pray for this or something better.