In November, it is truly the time of giving thanks; bringing the mind’s attention to what we are thankful for. So many times, in our lives, we see the needs that we have to take care of.  We see the things we have to do, or the stresses that are hindering us.   However, the fall season is the perfect opportunity, as the change of season happens, that we can take a new look at our lives. 

As we move into prayer, one of the most powerful ways to quicken our spirit is to give thanks for who we are, what we have, and for all those things that are to come.  Rev. Patricia Bass reminded us in September to add the “secret sauce” into our lives by being grateful.  When we take the first few moments in prayer to open into gratitude, it will open our hearts.  As a prayer chaplain, I have learned to start with gratitude and continue until I can feel the radiating connection in my heart.   When that flows, then I know I am centered in Spirit. 

Some ideas about keeping gratitude fresh is to be specific.  Instead of saying, I am thankful for my family; say I am thankful for the back rub my husband gave me last night.  Let others know how much you appreciate them by unexpectedly telling them or sending/giving them a note or email.  Use Facebook to thank someone for his or her specialness.  Each of these practices keeps gratitude alive and connects us with others. 

I have heard most recently that when we are in gratitude, we are in the highest form of receivership.  To receive from Spirit is where we want to be when we are praying.  So, let us affirm in prayer:

I have expectant faith through the practice of Thanksgiving.  I express gratitude for every demonstration seen or yet to be revealed to me.  The practice of gratitude clarifies my mind, uplifts my spirit, and keeps my heart open.  I gratefully witness the quickening power of gratitude releasing in my life as increase, prosperity, productivity, creativity, growth, and well-being.  I affirm this for myself.  So Be it. 

Bless each one of you and know that the prayer chaplains are here to pray with you.  We are thankful for such a vibrant spiritual community.  

In gratitude, Denise Teague and Prayer Chaplains.