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Unity Friends,

This month is May and Mother’s Day is the holiday of the month. I think it fitting to say a prayer for our Mother Earth. We spend our time going on with the day’s routine without recognizing none of it is possible without our Mother Earth.

Please center and take a breath with me. Go to that space in the center of our being where we find the peace within.

Hold prayers of wholeness and wellness for our mother earth. She is always there for us with a stable ground to stand on. She rains on us giving the water we need to live. It is in her bounty we find the food to sustain us. All of us of all nations, all religions, all plants and all animals we all need our sweet mother. She never judges us or asks if we are worthy of her love. Let us give thanks and show our gratitude. Hold the image of the earth in your mind. See a light sounding our island home. Let the healing light repair the damage to the atmosphere, let it cool the warming. Let the light burn up the pollution let it soften the hearts minds of all of us to understand the love she gives us every day. Spend a few moments of silence reflecting on healing Mother Earth. On mother’s day along with the gifts and cards for your human mother let’s remember our Earth mother. Plant a plant, pick up trash or make less of it. Conserve water just for that day give Mom a break.

Bless you Mother Earth and thank you for my life!