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LabrinthDear Loved One,

As we travel this road through life we are given the blessing of many choices. As a matter of fact, that was one of God’s biggest gifts to us, free will.

Some choices are easy, and we hardly even consider them as we make them almost unconsciously and move on. Some choices we make may take more consideration, but are still not all that difficult. But still other choices we make on a daily, weekly, once a lifetime basis can have far-reaching ramifications. As I travel this path towards a more spiritually aware existence, I often find myself torn between what should be easy choices, but are still fraught with consequences to my feeling of self-worth and the good feeling of knowing I have made a choice based on what I know is right, versus just doing what was easy. I often find myself questioning whether I am making a choice of action based on my Ego, or is it founded in my awareness of Divine Spirit working through me.

So what do we do when we find ourselves in a quandary, not knowing how to make a choice that best serves everyone involved? I recently found myself in a situation of not knowing how to respond to someone I disagreed with. I did not know whether I was disagreeing because of my ego, and was simply reacting to the situation, or was my gut instinct actually intact? I went to prayer and talked out my feelings to God, voicing my confusion and my take on the situation. I then went to sleep, and woke up the next morning, and I knew with great clarity what my response should be. I was at great peace knowing how to respond in the way I should, honoring both my need to find my voice, but doing it in a respectful manner. This of course is just one example of the many times that I have gone to prayer asking for clarity in how to proceed. Sometimes the answer comes from that still, small voice, sometimes from being open to listening to the Universe and receiving and hearing the answer coming from someone else’s mouth, or perhaps from something I read.

We pray that you too find that still small voice within, or the booming voice of a trusted friend, or that passage that just perfectly matches your situation and gives you the peace of mind that you are making a good choice. God has many voices and many ways of talking to us, all we have to do is to ask and to listen for the answer.

Your Prayer Chaplains