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Spring is in full bloom, the grass is green, spring thunderstorms coming in and the air is getting warmer. Spring makes me think of rebirth, what died in the fall now is reborn and the cycle of life continues. Life is changing and growing all the time some aspects of ourselves die and are transform into new and exciting changes.

I invite you to breath with me and take in the idea of transformation. Bring your awareness to the center and know there is One Power and One Presents in the Universe. The essence of that Power is within each of us and this is how we connect to the One. What we bring into the awareness and focus of our minds we bring into our reality. It is through prayer and meditation we make a conscious connection with that One and with each other. Knowing and understanding this is living in truth. Every day is rebirth every day is filled with possibility and change. With spring cleaning of my home comes spring cleaning of my life and the old ideas and belongings make way for new. It is with gratitude and thanksgiving I accept new changes in my life.

Your Unity Prayer Chaplains