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In-between-prayerJuly 14, 2015

Dear Ones,

Relax and take a big deep breath, because right here and right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be. There is no other place or
time. This is it. As with every other moment in your life, this moment holds great purpose for you. The perfection of what you are experiencing has emerged from every question you have asked and every circumstance and experience you have gone through and overcome to get to this moment.

The gift of this eternal moment is what you decide to take from it. The way you create and experience each moment of life is always in your
hands. You determine the quality of your life by your willingness to love who you are right now. This love is what leads you to the beautiful state of acceptance of the world around you. It is also what brings you to the recognition that you are always choosing the conditions that create what “will be” in your life.

Choose wisely and well.

Sincerely, your prayer chaplains,

Dorothy “Dot” Maynard, Doug Burrage, Chuck Franz, Judy Kingman, Glenna Lasater, Scott Nickerson, Laurie Raulerson, Paul John Roach, Karolyn Stirewalt, and Janine Thomas.