Dear Ones,

Again, my heart overflows with gratitude for Unity Teachings. For 30+ years, my husband and I have been doing goals learned from a Unity Minister–Jack Boland. Prior to this, my goals would fizzle and disappear by February. Now we use Jack Boland’s Goal Book purchased from Michigan, however any appointment, notebook, or calendar with weeks and months will suffice.

We achieve most of our goals using this method–many, many miracles!

I start in December–really praying on what goals I need for the next year–then put them in categories such as Health, Relationships, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Vacations, things and hobbies. Things are easy. Changing habits, attitudes, and spiritual growth require more attention.

For long ingrained habits, we use an action plan:

1. Write Goals
2. Benefits
3. Obstacles
4. Write Steps to Achieve Goals

For habits that need more attention, I write them down at the beginning of the month weekly and daily for the year–a prayer partner is helpful.

Please know that your Prayer Chaplains are praying with and for you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Our Father-Mother God, beloved Spirit, and Angels that are with us and around us and love us so much–we know that you are waiting to help us when we call on You in prayer.

Love and Blessings
P.S. – Positive affirmations and Image Books are also helpful.