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As I write this, we as a nation are reeling from the results of the presidential election. Whatever side you may fall on, we grieve the continued division between the diverse groups in our great nation. There continues to be division between the LGBT community and those that are homophobic, between black, white and Latinos, between liberals and conservatives. It is in times like this that we forget the fundamental principle that there is only One presence and that presence is Good. It is so easy to fall into the divisiveness and to proclaim that we are right and the other side is wrong. It takes courage and faith to stay centered in the Truth as we know it. As Charles Fillmore affirmed: “I am centered and poised in the Christ Spirit and nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.”

Many have posted on Facebook feelings of fear, anger, confusion, but people are also speaking out that while we may feel powerless, and are haunted by the divisiveness and the hate-mongering, we each have the ability to remember who we are, and to make a difference where we live. As we head into the holiday season, we need only to look around and take notice of those around us and make a conscious effort to make a positive difference in lives. Make an effect to make eye contact with the salesperson or clerk as we do our shopping and thank them for their service, even if it is slow. Let those irritating drivers merge even when we know they are not playing by the rules. Take time to simply stop and enjoy the holiday lights and the decorations. Try to remember what it was like as a child to take in the wonder of Christmas, and let yourself become a child again, and if only briefly, push aside the cynical impulse to lament the commercialism of the holidays. There is so much we have no power over, but we do have power over the most important aspect of our lives, and that is to remember who we are and continue to spread love and acceptance, regardless of our differences. Let’s plant seeds of love, not of hate.

Mother/Father God,
We affirm that we are one and that nothing can change that. Thank you for the daily reminders that love prevails, we only need to be open to receiving the message. We affirm that divisiveness is replaced with unity; hate and apathy are replaced with love; fear is replaced with courage to live the truth that we know. We pray for these things, and affirm that these gifts have already been bestowed upon us, and we are thankful. We receive these gifts or something better. We thank you in the Spirit of our Wayshower, Christ Jesus.

Your Prayer Chaplains