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It seems like every other day we are accosted by the news of another shooting, another assault on our sense of safety and on our sense of goodness in the world. We are barraged with messages of hate and negative discourse by our political nominees and others in charge. We ask ourselves what can we do to stop this constant bickering of people that we trust to transcend the madness and the mudslinging. It is all too easy to forget our Truth in times like these, and to lose sight of what is real, and what is important. We need to go to Source and reground ourselves in the immutable Truth principles that dictate there is only one Presence in the Universe, and that is God the Good. Through that truth we affirm that therefore we are all One and we are Good. The hate, the racial, religious, and gender and sexual preference divides are not real and only exist in our fear-ridden egos. As we find ourselves getting caught up in the madness, we need to go to Source and seek the silence to reground ourselves in the Truth of our being.

Dear Mother/Father God:

We affirm that there is only one Presence in our lives, and that Presence is Good. We are part of the One Presence, and therefore we are inherently Good. We affirm that we see past all of the hatred, the bickering, and any other perceived reasons for divide. We see past our human differences to the spiritual oneness and embrace the peace and tranquility that is ours for the asking. We affirm that love will prevail and that everything else will fade away.

“We affirm that God is Love, and God is All; therefore, we refuse to believe in hate or revenge”. – Charles Fillmore

We thank you and praise you, and All is well.

Your Prayer Chaplains