“Spring is a new beginning, a beautiful season of quiet joys and promises.”

I read this in an Easter card years ago. The phrase filled me with the hope that comes with new beginnings. At the time, I was about to be married – for the second time, to someone who had also been previously married. I actually wrote that phrase in our handwritten announcement of our marriage because it was with that wonderful spirit of spring we made our commitment to one another.

While the rebirth we experience in the spring is a spectacular illustration of new beginnings, the truth is new beginnings are occurring continuously. We need to watch for them, act on them, be grateful for them and, of course, it requires releasing the old to allow the new. 

When I was a child I became melancholy on the evening before my birthday because I’d never be that age again. And yet, I was excited to move on towards all those milestones ahead of me. 

For all my life, the first day of school was full of anticipation and hope – heading off in my new outfit (usually sewn by my mother) to meet up with my friends. I was filled with the knowing that this new beginning would afford me the opportunity to shine like a star. That sense of first day hope followed me all through my long career as an educator. In concert with that new beginning, however, was the ending of freedom from long, lazy summer days.

And, so it is – 
Release something, embrace something new. I invite you to be present to your new beginnings each day, all through the year.
See the blessings in our unfoldment.

And, so it is!