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Dear Friends,

Traditionally, summer is a time of relaxation, a time to enjoy warm weather and be outdoors. There may be swimming, barbecues, vacations, Fourth of July concerts, and so much more. As ideal as these occasions may be, in day to day living, summer is not an automatic reprieve from life’s challenges. For each of you who request prayers, we, as prayer chaplains, do not take a vacation from your requests. We hold your spiritual well-being in the highest regard, seeing you as whole, at peace, and finding resolution through the power of many prayers. A very famous woman stated, “Never be
afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God” (Corrie Ten Boom). Although we are a diverse group and may know God by many names, we also know and accept that prayers to the Divine are the most powerful source of communication in the universe.

Our fervent prayer for you is that you find peace and resolution to whatever may be in your reality today. We ask you to trust the strength that comes from many prayers, for we are told in Matthew 18:20, that “where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.” We visualize for you that you are willing to trust and accept the love and positive reinforcement available for you as a precious child of God.

With many blessings,

Your Unity Prayer Chaplains