Special Guest, Daniel D’Neuville

We have been waiting for you to show up.

Spiritual_awakeningYes, we have been waiting for you to accept your greatness… to step into the role. We have been waiting for you to heed the 10,000 whispers, you pretend not to hear.

You feel alone and somehow not enough. So you seek… for “what” you do not know.  You seek for that certain “something” that will somehow make the difference, that will complete you. And you wait… for that someday to arrive when you’ll feel completely ready.

In the meantime, you look for someone else to take the lead, you want someone else to invite you, to make the introduction. You want someone to give you permission.

It is time to awaken from your slumber, to drop your casual “I don’t really matter” attitude.

The time is NOW to accept your power. The time is now to brush the doubt aside and draw close to your tribe. The time is now to take up the torch and light the way.

We have been waiting for you… because YOU make all the difference.


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