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Pastoral Care and Support

Unity teaches the transformative power of prayer.

Through alignment with the power of God within and around us we can achieve healing, wholeness, prosperity and peace!

One way we fulfill our mission is through prayer:
Prayer and healing are the foundation upon which Unity was established.

Pastoral Care Ministry

All those making requests receive daily prayer support. Prayer chests are located in both in the sanctuary and administrative buildings.A prayer list appears in the weekly bulletin. To be included on this prayer list: please call the church office (817-423-2965). You may also submit prayer requests online.

Prayer Chaplains are committed to an active prayer life. Prayer chaplains also offer prayers during services and serve at special events like World Day of Prayer and Prayer Vigils. Our Trained Prayer Volunteers:

  • Provide prayer support after Sunday Services in the Sanctuary
  • Hold our community in high prayer consciousness and pray for those who make prayer requests
  • Send a monthly letter of inspiration and encouragement to all who request it

Who is a Prayer Chaplain?

  • A prayer chaplain is any person that is willing to serve to our community with prayer.
  • Any person that chooses to be in prayer with others in person, by telephone or with written prayer postcards.
  • Any person that is willing to take the prayer chaplain training program.
  • Any person that is willing to make visits to the homebound or hospital.

What is a Prayer Chaplain?

  • Someone that holds spiritual space.
  • Someone that empathetically and lovingly listens to others.
  • A person that uses heart centered prayer.
  • One who allows Spirit to speak through them.
  • A person that maintains the confidentiality of prayer.
  • A Prayer Chaplain is not a hospital or hospice chaplain.

Interested in becoming a prayer chaplain? Visit: www.unityfortworth.org/become-unity-prayer-chaplain/ or call 817-423-2965 or email info@unityfortworth.org

Ministerial Services Offered

  • Spiritual Counseling
    • Ministers are available for confidential spiritual counseling. This service is provided on a love-offering basis. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or to share your questions and comments about Unity and its teachings.
  • Other Services
    • Ministers are also available for weddings, christenings, funerals, memorial services, hospital visits and prayer. Call the office for details.