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During October you are invited to sign up as a Sacred Service volunteer to staff vital areas of our community’s life.

Let’s celebrate by signing up again, either for the same team you’ve been on, or trying something different in order to spread your wings a bit. Let’s spread the wealth by personally inviting someone to join either the same team you are on, or by choosing another team.  Let’s make this the best signup month ever!! I affirm that this month all will be called in one way or another to give back to this vibrant, dynamic church community that we call home! 

Our Sacred Service areas are: 
Welcome Team which includes Ushers, Greeters and the Name Tag teams; the Hospitality & Events Team; the Library & Bookstore Teams; the Garden & Crossing Guard teams; and the Photography/Audio-Visual teams. 

We truly offer something for everyone! Commitments are one time per month for six months, November through April. Sign ups with descriptions of the positions are available in the Sanctuary Building.

Why serve?

1)    To help our community function
2)    To practice the spiritual discipline of sacred service
3)    To meet new people and make new friends
4)    To deepen your connection with others and with Spirit
5)    To activate the flow of Good for yourself and others

For more information about Sacred Service see, call, or write to our Sacred Service Ministry Coordinator Judy Kingman at 817-480-5657 or via email. Or contact Paul John Roach directly at 817-480-0995 or via email.

Celebrating Spirit and sharing love Unity Fort Worth is blessed with committed and compassionate Sacred Service volunteers.
Thank You, God!