Begin the New Year with a ceremony that could change your life.

On Sunday, December 31st at 9:30 am and 11:00 am Unity Fort Worth will conduct its annual Burning Bowl ceremony. 

On one sheet of paper we write down those things we desire to release from our lives. These we burn in the bowl. On another sheet we write the things, qualities and standards that we choose to claim in 2018. These we take with us. It’s a powerful ceremony and is accompanied by inspiring music, drumming, and a message from our minister.

This technique of releasing and affirming is central in all spiritual traditions. We must make room by releasing in order that the new may come into our lives. Myrtle Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, a trans-denominational spiritual movement, wrote that “Release and Affirmation are the twin angels that guard the portals of our consciousness.” 

BurningBowl2Any change, to be effective, must start in our minds, in what we choose to believe. When we change or renew our minds we are renewed and the circumstances of our lives conform to that change. Burning something is a symbolic act that signifies our readiness to let go and move on. Affirming and claiming our good then fills the space that our releasing has created. 

You are invited to participate in our Burning Bowl ceremony at Unity. Unity is a community of Universal Truth, Unconditional Love, and Abundant Life where all people are welcome. We behold each person as a precious and worthy child of God.