Are you called to serve others by your presence and your prayers?

Prayer Chaplain 500

 If so, becoming a Unity Prayer Chaplain might be the role for you

A Unity Prayer Chaplain is a key element in maintaining the spiritual consciousness of our community. A Prayer Chaplain also receives untold blessings by being an open channel for God’s good to flow.

Check out the information below to see if becoming a Unity Prayer Chaplain is the next right and perfect step for you.

Commitments as a Prayer Chaplain:

  • Mentor with an experienced Prayer Chaplain for 90 days.
  • Attend required training sessions, retreats, and monthly meetings.
  • Be present at Sunday services for your committed Prayer Chaplain duty, or arrange for a substitute.
  • Make monthly Prayer Chaplain calls to congregants that have requested them.
  • Honor, support, and respect fellow Prayer Chaplains and congregants.
  • Be committed to upholding the principle and practice of confidentiality.
  • Further your spiritual development through prayer, meditation, and study.  
  • A one-year commitment, after a 90-day mentoring period.

How does a Unity Prayer Chaplain differ from a Chaplain in a hospital or care facility?

Unlike hospital Chaplains, Unity Prayer Chaplains may not be ordained and are not trained to counsel people. Unity Prayer Chaplains are trained to do three things only: hold spiritual space, listen, and pray. Unity Prayer Chaplains are not trained to go out and “minister” to the community-at-large but are trained as a lay resource to help meet the pastoral care needs within our community.

Requirements to be a Unity Prayer Chaplain:

  • Maintain an active personal prayer life.
  • Actively attend Unity Fort Worth for a minimum of two years.
  • Current Membership at Unity Fort Worth.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission of Unity Fort Worth.
  • Show genuine interest and respect for the well-being of congregants.
  • Willing to learn to actively listen with empathy.
  • Exhibit a willingness and ability to pray with others.

How do I find out more information?

If you would like more information about the Unity Prayer Chaplain Program, sign up on the sheet provided in Fellowship Hall, contact the church office at 817.423.2965 or,