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Join Valley Reed for this lively lecture and experiential class on Active Dream Paths.

Dreams provide us keys to our future, a look inside our inner worlds and portals to travel to worlds beyond the waking everyday mind. In dreams, we can connect with the depths of our soul and reflections of our bright spirit. We can look into the darkest corners to discover what was forgotten or pushed away, and may find a glimmer of light still hiding there. We may discover our spiritual guides and teachers, angelic guardians, ancestral guides and instinctual animal powers where the natural paths of our own energy lie in wait to be discovered. There is much to discover on the path of dreams, and Active Dreaming provides core practices to learn how to navigate the dream realms in a more conscious way, in order to take Action from our Dreams to bring more soul and spirit into our individual lives and close family relationships.
Active Dreaming can help us grow dreaming communities to bring forth healing into our world.

Bring a dream to share, and your dream journal if you have one!
Valley Reed – Certified Teacher of Active Dreaming

  • Suggested Reading – Active Dreaming by Robert Moss
  • Requested Energy Exchange $10.00
  • 7:00 pm
  • Metaphysical Monday Discussion Group
  • Peace Chapel